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  • To create source for the promotion of problem solving, analytical thinking  and utilizing technology.
  • To build upon its strengths for development of graduate program in areas of need for the region.


  • To provide an environment where students can learn, enabling them to become ultimate learners and become best competent for struggle in their life.
  • To give the development and dissemination of Mathematical knowledge in the areas of Mathematical Education and Actuarial Science


  1. Developing a respectable intellectual level seeking to expose the various concepts in Mathematics.
  2. To enhance the students reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills.
  3. To cultivate a Mathematicians habit of thought and reasoning.
  4. To enlighten the student that the mathematical ideas are relevant for oneself no matter what his/her interests are.
  5. To cultivate a research culture in young minds.
  6. Development of students’ competence by evolving a learner centered curriculum.
  7. To encourage the students to uphold scientific integrity and objectivity in professional endeavors.
  8. To pursue higher studies in top notch institutions


A Candidate who has passed in Higher secondary Board or some other other Board accepted by the Syndicate as equivalent thereto with Mathematics (other than Business mathematics) as one of the subjects.

Duration of the course:

The course shall consist of three academic years divided into six semesters.