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To produce most expertise software professionals in computer Science with excellent analytical and technical skills by shaping the women to apply their knowledge as a  great pioneer to foster the next generation software industry and protract higher standards quality in the fields of research and development.


To acquaint and inspire young women to meet the challenges of the world through facing problems of the social network, building robust person oriented individuals with economic independence and to endorse humanity with education that aids in building a dignified society with assortment.


  • Teaching quality education in the domain of computer science.
  • The ability to design, implements, and analyzes computational systems.
  • Contributed towards the advancement of computing science and technology.
  • An ability to apply the basic mathematical and scientific concepts in modern computer
  • Blend their Computer Science abilities with skills specific to another domain to solve problems.
  • The capability to tackle complex computer science related problems in the real world.
  • An understanding of professional, social and ethical responsibility.
  • Knowledge of contemporary and emerging issues in computer
  • Robust problem-solving skills.

An ability to engage in life-long learning.

Course description

This degree program serves to give the student excellent preparation for careers in computer science or for fields where CS is an important ingredient. Students receive a strong technical background in computer science, which is coupled with a broad, general education.


+2 Pass in with Mathematics or Business mathematics or Computer science or Statistics

Duration of the course:

The course for the degree of Bachelor of Computer Science shall consist of three academic years divided into
six semesters.