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  • To nourish the virtue of literature in the budding literarians in order to enrich the quality of education in the fields of language and literature.
  • To empower lofty ideas in the field so as to attain academic, professional and personal goals.
  • To inculcate human values and characters with regard to making them to become responsible citizens of our country.


  • To provide platforms to explore their knowledge is various genres of literature with invention and innovation
  • To empower creativity through listening, speaking, reading and writing forums of language and literature.
  • To enroot the traits of human morale and values so as to become the responsible citizens of our country,


Literature in general, presents the picture of what people think, say and do in the society. This reflection can teach, inspire and make us laugh or horrify us. One can derive this pleasure from the beauty and joy of reading Literature.

The Chief Objective of English Literature is to express themselves or to employ their specialized knowledge in a range of forms. The study of English Literature provides Students with a fresh and creative angle with which to approach their studies in particular and their lives in general. Studying Literature can make one aware of his or her values. It inculcates the approaching tendency so as to tackle the pros and cons of the society. Moreover, it serves a way to enrich one’s mind and personality with improving the level of confidence and competence.

A Candidate who has passed in Higher secondary Board Examination.

Duration of the Course

The course for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in English shall consist of three academic years divided into six semesters.