Objectives of the Course

  • To educate students in both the artistry and utility of the English language through the study of literature and other contemporary forms of culture.
  • To make students aware of the different communicative skills, and to develop among them an ability to effectively communicate in English, both in written and spoken modes.
  • To provide students with the critical faculties necessary in an academic environment, on the job, and in an increasingly complex, interdependent world.
  • The syllabus of this program is aimed at preparing the students with the latest developments and put them on the right track to fulfill the present requirements.


A Pass in the Higher Secondary Examination of Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Board or some other Board accepted by the Syndicate as equivalent thereto.

Duration of the Course

The candidates shall complete all the courses of the programme within 3 years from the date of admission. The programme of study shall consist of six semesters and a total period of three years with 140 credits. The programme of study will comprise the course according to the syllabus.