14 Sep

Department of Computer Science

ICMR Sponsored


About the Seminar

         BigData Analytics with spark is an opensource fast and general-purpose cluster computing framework for large-scale data analysis. Spark is one of the hottest BigData technologies. The amount of data generated today by devices, applications and users is exploring. Spark is a powerful technology that need. As  a result adoption of spark is rapidly growing and is replacing Hadoop, Map reduce as the technology of choice for BigData Analytics.

       The proposed  seminar will focus on introducing the concept of BigData and recent trands in BigData Analytics using Apache spark framework. The objective of the workshop is to enable participants to effectively utilize spark for solving BigData related problems in their respective domains. We have also planned to  demonstrate all practicals aspects using apache spark, so as to provide hands on experience to participants.

Herewith we have attach a manual for Apache spark…

basic spark